This is a 2-day beginner’s course on how to craft high impact articles from research results and objectives for the scientific journals, scientific audience and other target audience. The course will include lectures and exercises, and a session on the National Medical Research Register.

To discover the various forms of scientific/medical writing
To recognise the role of publishing in the scientific world and appreciate the significance of publication ethics
To develop language and writing skills vital for preparing clear and concise drafts that reflect research findings, adhere to the relevant guidelines and are tailored to the target audience.
To discover the functions and publication criteria of Ministry of Health’s National Institutes of Health and National Medical Research Register


Who Should Participate?
Clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals involved with research
Biomedical researchers and other life scientists


We conduct two other medical writing workshops for those who need help with their manuscript.

I) Writing for Publication

In this 4-day intensive workshop, expert facilitators will guide and motivate participants to start writing their manuscript and complete a first draft.

Eligibility criteria

Data is already analysed and study has been previously presented as a poster in a scientific meeting.

II) Refining the Final Draft

This is a 2-day workshop for researchers who have completed their manuscript but still need help to make their draft ready for journal. Facilitators will guide participants on choosing the right journal, complying with journal specifications, proper formatting and grammar, the submission process, etc.

Eligibility criteria

At least the first draft of the manuscript is ready.

We can tailor our programme to your needs. Contact us if you would like us to conduct any of these workshops for your organisation/department


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