GCP’s Revised Course Syllabus [Updated 2018]

While organizer may vary the order of the program (move presentation earlier or later) as the need arises but should however strive to maintain the logical order of certain sequence of the presentations (for example, Overview should come before detailed presentation of materials covered by the Overview).

Day 1 (full day 8.00am – 5.00pm)
Time Topic Speakers
08.00am-08.30am Registration
08.30am-08.40am Welcome Address Head of CRC
08.40am-09.00am Overview of Clinical Research in Malaysia Head of CRC
Session 1 : Introduction to GCP & Ethics of Clinical research
09.00am-09.30am Overview of ICH/GCP and Malaysian GCP Guideline(GCP Chapter 2) CRC, MREC or Investigator
09.30pm-10.00pm ICH/GCP and Malaysian GCP Guideline Compared CRC or Investigator
10.00am-10.20am Tea Break
10.20am-11.00am Overview of Ethics of Clinical Research, Ethical Principles & Requirements (Helsinki Declaration) CRC, MREC or Investigator
11.00am-11.30am Independent Ethics Committee (GCP Chapter 3) MREC
11.30am-01.30pm Informed Consent (GCP Section 4.8)
Group Exercise
CRC, MREC or Investigator
01.30pm-02.30pm Lunch Break
02.30pm-04.00pm Ethical Problems in Clinical Research & Research Misconduct
Group Exercise
CRC or Investigator
04.00pm-04.20pm Tea Break
04.20pm-05.00pm Clinical Trial Protocol, Investigators Brochure & Essential Documents (GCP Chapter 6 & 7) CRC or Investigator
05.00pm Adjourn
Day 2 (full day 8.00am – 5.00pm)
Time Topic Speakers
08.00am-08.30am Registration
Session 2 : Investigator’s responsibility
08.20am-10.00am Investigator’s responsibility (GCP Chapter 4)
• Qualifications & CTA (4.1)
• Adequate resources (4.2)
• Medical care of trial subjects (4.3)
• Communications with IRB/IEC (4.4)
• Study Initiation
• Study Design
• Patient Recruitment
• Compliance with protocol (4.5)
• Randomization & Unblinding (4.7)
• Case Report Form Completion and Source Documents – Group Exercise (CRF Completion)
CRC, MREC or Investigator
10.00am-10.20am Tea Break
10.20am-11.30am Investigator’s responsibility (GCP Chapter 4)(cont’d)
• Records, Reports & Essential Documents (4.9, 4.10, 4.13 & Chapter 8 )
• Investigational Product (IP) / Drug Accountability at Site (4.6) – Supply and Handling
• Role of a Site Coordinator – Group Exercise (IP Accountability)
• CTP and Amendments
CRC, MREC or Investigator
Session 2 : Sponsor’s responsibility
11.30am-01.00pm Sponsor’s Responsibility (Section 5 &8 )
• QA and QC (5.1)
• Trial Management, Data Handling , Record Keeping (5.5) & Access (5.15)
• Selection of Investigator / Site (5.6)
• Allocation of Responsibilities (5.7)
• Compensation to Subjects, Investigators & Financing (5.8. 5.9)
• Notification to Regulatory & Submission to IRB/IEC (5.10, 5.11)
• Information on IP, Manufacturing, Packaging & Labelling IP, and Supplying and Handling IP (5.12, 5.13, 5.14)
• Study Monitoring (5.18)
• Audit & Inspection (5.19, 5.20)
• Premature Termination (4.12, 5.21)
• Multicentre Trial (5.23)
• Archiving (5.5)
CRC or Industry Sponsor
01.00pm-02.00pm Lunch Break
02.00pm-03.00pm Adverse Event Reporting & Safety Surveillance (Section 4.11 & 5.17)
• AE Monitoring / Reporting
CRC or Industry Sponsor
03.00pm-03.40pm Group Exercise : Role and Responsibilities of Investigator, IRB/IEC and Sponsor CRC or Industry Sponsor
03.40pm-04.00pm Tea Break
04.00pm-05.00pm Optional topic (see below)**
05.00pm Adjourn
Day 3 (half day morning 8.00am – 12.00pm)
Time Topic Speakers
08.00am-08.20am Registration
Session 3: Conducting research in Malaysia
08.20am- 9.10am Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Research Trials in Malaysia NPRA
9.10am-10.00am GCP Inspection NPRA
10.00am-10.20am Tea Break
10.20am-11.00am Evaluation / Revision Before GCP Exam
11.00am-12.00pm GCP Certification Exam NPRA
01.00pm-02.00 pm Lunch Break and Adjourn
**Topics below are optional if time permit :
Research Misconduct CRC/Investigator/MREC
Legal aspects of clinical research Invited lawyer
Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) Invited Lab
Good Statistical Practice (GSP) Invited statistician
Good Clinical Data Management Practice (GCDMP) Invited Data Manager
Feasibility Study & Clinical Trial Agreement Invited Delivery Management Officer
Clinical Trial Publication Invited Medical Writer
Excellent investigative site: What it takes? (or Review – Study Time) Selected experienced sites


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