Thinking of advancing your career in the increasingly cutting edge clinical research arena? You will need skills that will equip you with the tools needed to outshine your competition. To get ahead, it is essential to have specialized knowledge and a firm grounding in key aspects of conducting clinical trials. Clinical trials conducted by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, hospitals, or research laboratories in developing new drugs and therapies involve human subjects. Heavy investments in R&D are fueled by regulatory, technological and scientific advancements that demand trained clinical research professionals with knowledge and experience.

Siara and CReST EvendZ have joined forces to offer specially tailored training workshops that were developed in response to a growing need for highly skilled professionals in the challenging clinical research sector. The workshops have an international focus as clinical trials are often multicenter and multinational, thus participants from the Asian region will gain a better understanding of global standards and guidelines applicable in their respective countries.

Siara has moved away from the traditional PowerPoint/lecturing modality to a very much more stimulating and interactive modality of education that incorporates modern innovative training technology, exercises, quizzes, real life scenarios, role plays and games. There will be a post-course learning assessment and a personalized laminated course completion certificate is provided following successful completion of each course.

The following training workshops are focused on educating and training clinical research professionals in the conduct of clinical research studies to ICH GCP standards and SOPs. Refer to the individual course listings for more information on the following courses:

Advanced GCP – Improving Efficiency and Quality in Clinical Trials
Being an Investigator – Taking the Lead: Roles and Responsibilities within Clinical Trials
Creating a Clinical Trial Study Budget
Protection of Human Subject: Informed Consent and the Patient
Preparing for a Regulatory Inspection
Preparing for a Site Selection Visit
Running Studies under the US IND


Who Should Attend?

The training and development programmes offered by Siara are visionary, dynamic, practically focused, and delivered by highly experienced and skilled Consultants. Siara offers unparalleled training programmes for:

Clinical Investigators and site staff
Clinical Research Professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and CRO industry


Admission Requirements

As these are advanced courses, participants are required to have basic GCP training or are certified in Good Clinical Practice in their respective countries. For the 2014 schedule of GCP courses in Malaysia, please refer to the CReST EvendZ website ( ). Foreign participants are requested to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation. As these workshops have limited capacity, you are advised to register early.



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