Diversifying Training Workshops on Demand

In response to client requests, we are expanding our industry specific training workshops to create new and exciting career oriented learning that is relevant for advancement in a diversity of sectors including law, medical ethics, medical law, and Islamic finance, among others. Our training workshops are tailored towards personal and professional growth and prepare them to meet future challenges down their career path. We work with a number of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals from the industry with practical insights to provide the kind of training vital for career planning.

CReST EvendZ’s track record of providing quality training for the healthcare sector gives us the impetus for exploring other dimension by offering workshops on ethics and law to meet the growing need for advanced knowledge in clinical research. As we continue to update our offerings of conferences, interactive workshops, seminars, and certified courses in keeping with advancement in the field, we welcome the opportunity to provide forward thinking solutions for your professional development.


We Cater for Your Professional Needs

CReST EvendZ, as with ACRPM before it, offers custom-designed  courses for budding researchers/healthcare professionals keen to expand their skills in the challenging field of clinical research. We collaborate with clients in healthcare organisations, research institutions, medical societies or pharmaceutical companies to propose tailor-made training strategies, provide event management services and create networking opportunities for researchers and healthcare professionals. We organise professional development training courses and specialized events in several niche areas including clinical research, research ethics and regulation, pharmaceutical medicine and medical device, clinical epidemiology and registry, biostatistics & health economics.


We Make Research Your Profession

Our clinical research courses are developed by researchers for researchers and are organised in collaboration with relevant reputable research organisations, academic institutions and professional societies. In keeping with growing interest, we are now moving beyond clinical research training, events and professional development opportunities to include pharmaceutical and medical events. Furthermore, having successfully organised several National Conference for Clinical Research (NCCR) for the Ministry of Health’s Clinical Research Centre, we have established an enviable network of clinical research experts, both local and international, who can serve as faculty for our programmes. The annual NCCR conference is highly anticipated and well attended as it is the only event focusing on clinical research in the country.


We Make Words Communicate Your Message

CReST EvendZ is also providing ancillary services to meet the specialized needs of the rapidly expanding clinical research industry.  In this respect, we offer professional medical writing services to the clinical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Our experienced medical writers work closely with scientists, investigators and other experts to craft high impact articles from his/her research results and objectives more effectively to the scientific journals, scientific audience and other target audience.  We also provide professional medical communication services that will work with you to translate medical research findings and official reports into powerful messages for diverse audiences that include the mass media.


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'A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it.'

Albert Einstein
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