CReST EvendZ Sdn Bhd is cresting the waves of transformation in the medical events, training and communications industry with a swelling commitment to grow and develop professionals in clinical research, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our change begins with a name that reflects the readiness to ride the thrills and spills of transformation waves spreading across the medical and healthcare landscape.

Since December 2010, Associates of Clinical Research Professional Malaysia (ACRPM) Sdn Bhd became CReST EvendZ (Clinical Research Skills Training & Events) in response to the wave of changes in the medical-related industries, both local and global. With extensive experience amassed as ACRPM, the CReST EvendZ team is geared up for the onslaught. As medical events specialists, we partner research organisations, academic institutions and professional societies to offer medical events, communications and training to the Healthcare community and Pharmaceutical industry.

The shift towards a whole new image is in line with our strategy to provide a wider scope of training and event management services in support of national aspirations to grow the clinical research and healthcare industry. Taking over from and firmly grounded in the best that ACRPM had to offer, CReST EvendZ will continue to work with you to deliver pioneering clinical skills training, medical communications expertise and professional development opportunities.


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'A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it.'

Albert Einstein
Nobel Prize Laureate (Physics)